More Staff Retiring or Resigning After 2023 Election

Manville Borough Staff Resigning & Retiring After 2023 Election

By Manville.Today
March 12, 2024

Was anyone surprised at the number of positions that became vacant after the mayor won a third term?

We lost our DPW Director, the DPW Administrative Assistant, the Tax Collector, the Police Department Administrative Assistant, and the Borough Administrator, not to mention we have been without a clerk for over a year.

These are all critical positions, ensuring our Borough operates at its peak efficiency. While job postings went up to fill these roles (including a full-time code enforcement official), several were pulled to change them from full-time to part-time.

Not sure about you, but having a part-time tax collector can only mean limited office hours and less service to those who need assistance. Plus, what caliber of candidates can we expect when we are opening this up as a part-time role?

Luckily, they announced at the 3/11 council meeting the hiring of a DPW Director and Borough Clerk. (But did not read the resolution into the record -- more on that HERE)

We will be watching how they do on all these remaining positions.

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