Proclamations - Honoring Employees - Why Don't They Attend?

Proclamations - Honoring Employees - Why Don't They Attend?

By Manville.Today
April 23, 2024

Overall, the Borough Council meeting held on Monday April 22nd was uneventful. Mayor Richard Onderko & Councilwoman Barbara Madak were absent. Council President Ron Skirkanish led the meeting.

During the Public Portion, a resident made a statement to Council about Hillsborough wanting to build over 80 more housing units in the Sunnymeade Road area, where there is concern for building on wetlands and flooding factors. She encouraged Council to attend the Hillsborough meetings about this development, to make the case for Manville potentially being impacted by more flooding events from the new housing units being proposed.

Going back to the beginning of the meeting, there was a Proclamation honoring Manville's tax collector who recently retired. But she wasn't in attendance to accept her Proclamation in person. Sources close to us state she was informed at the last minute, and unfortunately couldn't attend.

Proclamations are a great way to publicly honor those who served the Borough. Manville's DPW Administrative Assistant recently retired, and was honored with a Proclamation. However, she was never informed it would be taking place at the council meeting, and she too, did not attend.

Why aren't those being honored being told in advance of a Proclamation being given to them? The Mayor & Council have also provided Proclamations for those who served on School Board, too.

However, one recent School Board Member who did not run for re-election was never honored with a Proclamation. How come? Other prior board members were honored upon their retirement. Is it because she is a resident who attends council meetings, and holds our elected officials accountable with tough questions asked? We may never know, but it sure appears that way.

Going forward, it would be nice to make sure adequate notice is given to those who will receive a Proclamation. It would be an enjoyable experience for the person receiving the Proclamation, as well as for them to invite their family and friends to celebrate their achievements.