Proofreading Resolutions & Ordinances

Proofreading Resolutions & Ordinances

By Manville.Today
March 26, 2024

The Borough Council meeting on March 25th was mostly uneventful. Councilmen Skirkanish and DeVito were absent. There were several proclamations for Women's History Month, and the Boy & Girl Scouts. After the proclamation ceremonies were concluded, Council resumed normal business.

Resolution 2024-66 was on the agenda, for cleaning up parks and other public areas with the help of volunteers from NJ American Water. However, on the resolution, there was also another company listed. A resident asked during the public portion for more information about who the other company was.

"I'm not sure on that," Mayor Onderko responded. Then, to our surprise, the Borough Attorney responded "..keeping us on our toes!" and proceeded to explain that this was simply a typo.

The attorney had the Mayor make an immediate motion to amend the Resolution striking out the company name that shouldn't have been in the text.

Is our Mayor and Borough Council properly proofreading, and double checking, resolutions and ordinances before putting them out for a vote? This appears to be sloppy work. If the text was copied and pasted from a template or prior similar resolution, effort should be made to ensure everything is 100% accurate.

While this is minor in nature, it could have serious implications. What if there was a "typo" in a more serious resolution or ordinance, creating unintentional consequences as a result?