Manville's Property Taxes Increased 5.6%

Manville's Property Tax Increased 5.6%

By Manville.Today
March 19, 2024

Taxes are high all over New Jersey. Unfortunately, there is no escaping it. Recently, 101.5 published a piece showing the tax increases by municipalities from across the state. Interestingly enough, Manville was on that list showing a 5.6% increase. While the mayor loves to blame the schools, it is a fact that the schools have remained flat over the last few years, resulting in no tax increases on their part.

Home sales are at historic highs which theoretically means increased value but at what cost? Taxes are higher, we have less staff at Borough Hall, and everyone feels stretched. Residents tell us every day they are looking for relief.

The mayor's only response is that the Federal, State, and County "owe" us and "we deserve money". Rather than proactively working with elected officials, he is more content to play the victim and pout that no one is just writing him a check.

We have spoken with other mayors who actually take the time to visit with their elected officials, to build solid cases for funding, and who do not regularly bad mouth them because they are a different party.

The mayor wanted this gig. He ran for a third term despite his belief in term limits because he still had work to do. We beg to differ. He has been an elected official since 2010, with two terms as mayor. When is he going to stop blaming everyone else and finally do his job?

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